Niche Madness College Tournament: Round 3

Niche Madness College Tournament: Round 3

It’s the final four.

Round 2 whittled down the list of Niche’s college picks in half, from 8 to 4. Last week, your votes knocked Pomona College, BYU – Idaho, University of Alabama, and University of Nebraska out of contention for that top spot (the winner will be announced on December 29). The survivors span the East Coast to West Coast, with some Southern charm and Midwestern hospitality in between.

From Monday at 12 p.m. EST to Sunday at midnight, the polls will be open. Vote below in the Niche Madness College Tournament bracket (then check out our City bracket).

Niche Madness College Tournament: Round 3
David Vs. Goliath

In one corner, it’s Niche’s Best Overall School for 2014, a school renowned for its academics, diversity, and billion-dollar apps. In the other corner, an up-and-coming design school in the heart of the South, with additional locations in Hong Kong and Lacoste.

Niche Madness College Tournament: Stanford vs. SCAD
A Tale of Two Kitties

The Wildcats face off against the Nittany Lions in this true cat fight. Both are Big Ten schools with strong academics, coming in the Top 50 of Niche’s Best Overall Colleges ranking (NU is No. 28, Penn State No. 41).

Niche Madness College Tournament: Northwestern vs. Penn State
Polls open Monday, December 15, at noon and close Sunday, December 21, at midnight.

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