Niche Madness College Tournament: Final Round

Niche Madness College Tournament: Final Round

This is it!

The final round of Niche’s end-of-the-year “Best Of” college tournament is here, and we’re down to two colleges. Last week, Niche’s Best Overall School Stanford got knocked down a few pegs—and out of the competition—along with Northwestern, which narrowly lost its spot in the contest. Now it’s down to two very different schools for the title of “College of the Year.”

From Monday at 12 p.m. EST to Sunday at midnight, the polls will be open. Vote below in the Niche Madness College Tournament bracket (then check out our City bracket).


7,448 undergrads37,917 undergrads
Savannah, GAState College, PA
56% acceptance rate54% acceptance rate
$32,950 per year$29,566 ($16,992) per year

These two schools couldn’t be at more opposite ends of the college spectrum. One is a design school of 7,448 undergrads located in the middle of the oldest city in Georgia; the other, a Big Ten powerhouse with nearly 40,000 undergrads located in the middle of Pennsylvania.

SCAD is a young college that has an excellent pulse for both arts and technology. It started out 2014 with the deFINE ART program, its annual contemporary art showcase, and ended the year becoming the first U.S. college to use gunfire detection technology to protect students in the event of school shootings. It also won World Architecture News’ Urban Design Award for the SCADpad micro-housing community, the adaptive reuse project that creates 135-square-foot micro-residences. Tiny living, but a big year!

Meanwhile, PSU, too, had a ground-breaking 2014. In February, Penn State named climatologist Eric Barron as the new president of the university, ushering in a new era for the school. In May, a team of students won a national contest for building the best wind turbine—besting 150 other students from 10 universities—and by the end of the year, the oldest living alumnus turned 102 years old, a testament to the school’s legacy and characters it produces.

Which one should be named Niche’s first “College of the Year”? Cast your vote below.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

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Source: Wikipedia

Polls open Monday, December 22, at noon and close Sunday, December 28, at midnight. The winner will be announced on December 29!

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  1. Don Curtis

    SCAD is truly a remarkable college that genuinely cares about each and every student… they strive to nurture each student early on in their SCAD scholastic career, then do everything humanly possible to help develop and guide them towards reaching or exceeding all their personal goals which instills the confidence and desire to go all out and pursue their individual professional career aspirations…. often getting want they want and thus enjoying more success than they ever believed possible. YES… SCAD IS THE PLACE BE! I could not be more pleased, nor happier with the outstanding education my daughter received at SCAD. Thank you to all the faculty and staff for all their efforts. You are all sincerely appreciated.

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