Niche Madness City Tournament: Round 3

Niche Madness City Tournament: Round 3

It’s the final four.

Round 2 whittled down the list of Niche’s city picks in half, from 8 to 4. Last week, your votes knocked Portland (OR), Cleveland, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Seattle out of the running (the winner will be announced on December 29). The surviving cities range from East Coast to West Coast, from the Spanish Moss of the South up through the Steel City in the Rust Belt.

From Monday at 12 p.m. EST to Sunday at midnight, the polls will be open. Vote below in the Niche Madness College Tournament bracket (then check out our College bracket).


Niche Madness City Tournament: Round 3
Charlestown vs. Charleston

Both Boston and Charleston are steeped in history. The New England capital is one of the longest-living cities in the United States, whose oldest neighborhood happens to be named Charlestown. Meanwhile, Charleston, S.C., is the oldest city in its state, known for beautiful architecture and like Boston, a unique dialect.

Niche Madness City Tournament: Charlestown vs. Charleston


Pierogies Vs. Piers

Pittsburgh and San Diego couldn’t have less in common. The Burgh is a blue-collar town known for its temperamental climate, fries on sandwiches, and bridges. San Diego is a West Coast city known for its year-round summer climate, Mexican food, and beaches. It’s a clash of the cultures in this showdown.

Niche Madness City Tournament: Pittsburgh vs. San Diego

Polls open Monday, December 15, at noon and close Sunday, December 21, at midnight.