Niche Madness City Tournament: Round 2

Niche Madness City Tournament: Round 2

We’re down to 8.

After last week’s launch of the Niche Madness City Tournament, your votes narrowed down Niche editors’ city picks from 16 to 8 (the winners will be determined on December 29).

From Monday at 12 p.m. EST to Sunday at midnight, the polls will be open. Vote below in the Niche Madness City Tournament bracket (then check out our College bracket).


Niche Madness City Tournament: Round 2 Bracket

Bridgetown vs. Beantown

Portland, Ore., has more brewpubs per capita than any other city in the U.S. But when tourists come to Boston, they usually want to stop at one pub where everyone knows their name. Would voters rather keep it weird in Portland or ship it up to Boston?

Niche Madness City Tournament: Portland vs. Boston


The Heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll vs. Heart of the South

Last round, voters made it clear that the heart of Ohio (and rock ‘n’ roll) remains in Cleveland. In the Battle of the South, Charleston out-charmed Savannah. But in this round, who will really earn the nickname “C-Town”?

Niche Madness City Tournament: Cleveland vs. Charleston


City of Skyways vs. City of Bridges

Skyway pedestrian footbridges play an important role in the way Minneapolitans walk, while bridges are integral to the way Pittsburghers drive in and out of the city. So which is the coolest way to travel?

Niche Madness City Tournament: Pittsburgh vs. Minneapolis/St. Paul
Emerald City vs. America’s Finest City

In Seattle, inhabitants see nine months of rain every year. Meanwhile, San Diegans wake up to summer almost every day. Would you rather earn your sunny days or enjoy almost no rain ever?

Niche Madness City Tournament: Seattle vs. SanDiego
Polls open Monday, December 8, at noon and close Sunday, December 14, at midnight.