Niche’s 2014 City of the Year: Boston

Niche's 2014 City of the Year: Boston

Boston was chosen as Niche’s 2014 City of the Year in the inaugural Niche Madness Tournament.

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, it’s survived everything from the American Revolution to unrest surrounding desegregated busing in the 1970s to most recently the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. It’s “Boston Strong” for a reason.

Here’s a deeper look at the City on a Hill.

Boston Fast Facts

U.S. RegionNew England
No. of Colleges in Greater Boston AreaMore than 100
Largest IndustryHealth care and social assistance (Source: Boston Development Authority)
NicknamesBeantown, America's Walking City, The Hub, The City on a Hill, Titletown

What Makes Boston Great
Intellectually, Beantown is pretty hard to compete with. It’s often known as “America’s College Town” for the number of colleges in the Boston metro area, including brainy juggernauts like Harvard and MIT. But it’s not just these two schools that make Boston notorious for being scholarly. Massachusetts is just a cerebral state—period. In Niche’s Best Overall Colleges ranking, the state had the strongest showing of any other state, with 11 schools appearing in the top 100.

Boston also has a rich history when it comes to secondary schools. The Boston Latin School is the oldest public high school in the United States and also one of the most esteemed. Boston Latin is Niche’s No. 2 Massachusetts school for Best Outcomes and No. 4 for Best Academics in the state. And where are students interested in going on to college? Boston University, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, and Boston College—to name a few. Why leave the state for college when you can get a world-class education nearby?

Boston Latin School - Niche Outcome Stats

Boston Latin School – Niche Outcome Stats

But while Boston may be old and wise, it’s still very youthful. The city and Spring Hill (Somerville) were named Niche’s No. 6 Best City/Neighborhood for Millennials, and the intelligence of the area only makes this demographic stronger. Boston Millennials ages 18 to 34 are likely to earn more on average and have higher levels of education. They’re often more likely to be employed, too: 71 percent to the national average of 65 percent.

And when people are hurt or sick, Boston is where they want to be. Of the top 5 employers in the area, three of them are hospitals (Massachusetts General Hospital No. 1, Brigham and Women’s Hospital No. 2, and Boston Children’s Hospital No. 4). Health care and social assistance is the largest industry ahead of other prominent ones like finance and insurance and education.

Niche's 2014 City of the Year: Boston

10 Fun Facts about Boston
1. Boston is a “First City,” home of the first subway, first police department, first U.S. mail route, first library, and first public park.
2. The Boston University Bridge holds the distinction of being the only place in the world where a boat can sail under a train going under a car that is driving under a plane.
3. After the Boston Garden was torn down, the remains of a monkey were found within the wreckage.
4. Don’t travel to Boston expecting fast food. Of its 850 restaurants, fewer than 40 of them serve the convenient on-the-go meal.
5. The Red Sox weren’t always the only game in town. Before 1954, the other MLB team in Boston was the Braves.
6. Boston’s original name was Shawmut.
7. Robert McCloskey’s children’s book Make Way for Ducklings, first published in 1941, was the inspiration for the statues in Boston Common of a mother duck and her babies.
8. The official dog is the Boston Terrier (natch).
9. The green Pantone paint that makes up the Green Monster at Fenway Park is unique to the establishment. The Boston Red Sox hold the patent to it!
10. The term “Boston Strong” is believed to have originated from Curtis Clough, a Cleveland man who tweeted the hashtag following the Boston Marathon bombings.