December Graduation? Why a Winter Commencement May Be Better

An Early Commencement?
December Graduation? Why an Early Commencement May Be the Best

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The holidays typically mark the end of the fall semester and the start of a new year, and for some students, the conclusion of college. Instead of a slew of gifts from Santa under the tree, these recent grads are hoping for a job.

While a December graduation has its drawbacks, there are definitely some perks.

Less Job Market Competition
While companies may not be recruiting as heavily as they would in the spring, December graduates will be dealing with less graduate competition. Plus, with all of the parties of the season, the holidays are a great opportunity to do some networking right out of the gate, and come January, new grads can start attending job fairs.

Graduation Parties are Better
By the time summer is half over, most people are worn out when it comes to the countless number of graduation parties they’ve attended. But in mid-January, friends and family may be excited to shake up the post-holiday blues with a good shindig. Added benefit: Guests presumably will not have dished out the best gifts at earlier parties. Possible setback: People won’t want to give a lot of money because they’re burned out on holiday spending. Probably the best time to have a graduation party is right before Christmas when people are feeling extra generous.

Bigger Focus on You
It may sound a bit self-absorbed, but one of the best things about graduation day is the fact that graduating students get the attention. How does it get better with a December graduation? Commencement will be considerably smaller, and most friends can attend without donning the cap and gown themselves.

Chance to Take a Break
If students aren’t ready to jump into the job market just yet or need to finish out a lease with their classmates, then maybe they can take the spring as a chance to reflect, volunteer, and discover what they really want to do. They’ll still benefit from being a “fresh graduate” by May, but may have a polished resume and better vision of what they want to do. One warning: Loans may start to come in after 6 months, so hopefully the time of reflection doubled as a time of savings.

The Bottom Line
Commencements in December can be a really great experience, and while there are always negatives for every positive (all of your friends are still in college), the holidays and start of a new year are the perfect time to begin a new chapter.