7 Winter Break Jobs You Can Apply for Now

7 Winter Break Jobs You Can Apply for Now
7 Winter Break Jobs You Can Apply for Now

Source: Alfredo Mendez

With the semester winding down, it may be time for students to start thinking about what they’re going to do over winter break (or how they’re going to pay for holiday gifts).

Temporary seasonal jobs are perfect for college students looking to make extra cash, and here are a few winter break jobs to consider.

Become a Driver for Lyft or Uber
Have a car? Then, Lyft or Uber may be right for you, as Lyft is available in 60 cities across the United States and Uber is located in 45 countries. Drivers set their own hours and can make money weekly.

The Mall
Most likely, students will be headed to the mall at some point for shopping. May as well make some money in the process and apply discounts toward gifts. However, department stores consider seasonal employment early, so students should get their applications in as soon as they can.

Relatives’ Offices
Is Dad’s office looking for someone to do some filing over the holiday? How about Mom, Uncle Bob, or Aunt Helen? Find out whether your relatives’ companies are looking for someone to come in and do menial work. Perks: Having a ride to the office. Drawbacks: Co-workers knowing too much (baby photos of you on Mom’s desk).

Research Studies
Whether you’re staying on campus over break or going home near another campus, research studies are often an easy way for students to make money. Check college websites and Craigslist for paid study gigs.

Dog-Sitting Duties
One of the toughest things about the holidays for many people is having to board a pet in a kennel. Instead of taking Fido out of his surroundings, many people would rather get someone to watch their pet at home. Consider taking out a profile on Rover.com, which is basically like an Airbnb for dogs.

What’s one business in need of help throughout the holiday season? Shipping, natch. Millions of people are sending gifts all around the country and world, so naturally, FedEx and UPS are looking for seasonal workers.

It’s one of the biggest shopping destinations of the holiday season, so it’s no wonder Forbes named Target the No. 1 company to be hiring the most, looking for people to fill roles like retail sales associates, photographers, executive team leaders, and seasonal merchandise flow team members.

The Bottom Line
One thing students often remark is how bored they are over holiday break. Winter break jobs can help keep students busy—and save a little cash for next semester.