5 All-Natural Tips to Help You Stay Focused in Class


5 All-Natural Tips to Help You Stay Focused in Class
Many students resort to study drugs in order to stay focused in school, but there are other all-natural ways that nurture concentration in class.

1. Get Some Sleep
Students should have a regular sleep routine and stick with it. Having irregular sleep cycles can really affect concentration and physical well-being. Try to go to sleep at the same time every night and get eight to nine hours of sleep. Your body will thank you in the morning.

2. Eat Breakfast
Eating first thing in the morning provides fresh energy throughout the day, and it doesn’t even have to be a big meal. Something as small as a bowl of oatmeal can make students more energetic and efficient for the rest of the day, and foods like peanut butter, berries, and whole grains have even shown to improve memory.

3. Turn Off Your Phone
One obvious way to maintain concentration is to avoid distraction, and probably the biggest diversion is the smart phone. When students need to funnel their energy into studies, turning off the phone or even putting it on airplane mode is a good way to centralize your drive and keep distractions at bay.

4. Jump into the Fray
Go to the head of the class. While sitting in the back of a classroom may be the safest and most comfortable seat in the room, parking yourself up front makes it so the instructor is the only thing you have your attention on. Plus, it may help you understand key concepts better.

5. Break a Sweat
Trying to concentrate in class will feel as challenging as a marathon if you’re not in good physical health. On the other hand, actually running a marathon may help boost your ability to concentrate, as exercise is shown to have many benefits for the brain. While you don’t necessarily have to run 26 miles before class or work, doing exercise in the morning can get your blood flowing toward your brain, which helps in strengthening the mind.

The Bottom Line
These all-natural ways to pay attention in class sharpen the mind but also enhance other aspects of students’ lives. So while they hone concentration, they also allow students to have the energy and focus for other endeavors, as well.